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Hilson Moran drives collaboration and efficiency with pioneering digital tool

Hilson Moran is continuing to invest in the latest digital solutions to encourage project collaboration and efficiency. Most recently, the team has implemented the latest Bluebeam Revu® software, which is proving invaluable in this current remote working environment.

Devised to keep teams aligned through the design process, the software helps projects transition into the construction phase, whilst preserving important project data through to completion. Revu speeds up design reviews by enabling project partners to annotate and collaborate on the same documents in real time, or any time.

Hilson Moran Director, Vince Ugarow, who has driven the implementation of this tool, said: “When we introduced Revu, we rapidly increased the licenses from 10 to 229 within a calendar year. Our engineers adapted to this sophisticated PDF mark-up technology very quickly. We saw significant benefits including a marked uplift in productivity, as well as environmental cost savings from the decreasing printing and shipping costs required prior to adopting this tool.”

The ‘Studio’ function of Revu allows for multiple users to work on the same drawing review sessions, offering simultaneous, real-time editing for users, regardless of location across the globe. Vince said, “This has been a significant step forward, aiding the process of design and collaborative working across our offices.”

Hilson Moran also added the cloud-based subscription for ‘Studio Prime’, which offers all the collaborative tools of ‘Studio’, but with added secure administrative controls and the ability to customise the product using an open API for cross-software collaboration.

“With four office hubs in the UK and flexible teams working remotely, across the world, having access to this vital new tool has enabled much greater collaboration across the company. The real success story has been the 60% increase in production efficiency, born out of using the Studio and Studio Prime applications. These products are not only helping to boost our overall efficiency, they’re enabling us to work and communicate with project partners with ease, giving Hilson Moran a clear advantage within the highly competitive construction industry.”

The value of the Studio capabilities and subscription-based Studio Prime in Revu has opened the door for more intensive project standardisation within Hilson Moran. For more on the benefits of this tool watch this latest video with Vince:

Learn more about Bluebeam Revu at

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