Helping to secure a future for people and planet through our work in the built environment.

Helping to secure a future for people and planet through our work in the built environment.

We are evolutionary

We believe there is no limit to how far design and engineering can bring positive change to people-centred environments. And that is why we continuously challenge the boundaries of all we do.

We are acutely responsive to the changes in how people live. And in the increasingly complex compliance and regulatory realms that govern and guide the ever-developing world. Agility has enabled us to maintain a reputation for sterling quality for over 45 years.

We constantly learn and share those insights internally so they can be applied and amplified. This, along with our internationalism, keeps us relevant. And we help our clients and collaborators to optimise their opportunities by bringing vital input to all aspects of the project.

We are educators

We take a client’s vision and refine it into something sharper, more sustainable, differentiated, and more successful. We uplift aspirations and impacts.

We are undaunted by any building engineering challenge. And we question every vision as a matter of course. We’re partners rather than suppliers because symbiotic relationships bring betterment.

Healthy Buildings

Healthy Buildings

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Hilson Moran and B Corp

Hilson Moran and B Corp

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We take climate action

As environmental engineers, we recognise that our carbon footprint is small in comparison to the construction and refurbishment projects we work on every day. We commit to lead by example, promoting best practice in low energy design, ensuring occupant health and wellbeing, and enabling buildings to operate as the design intended.

In 2021 we joined the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) Net Zero Carbon Buildings commitment, following the launch of our Climate Manifesto. As part of this commitment, Hilson Moran will implement a detailed roadmap to reduce carbon emissions and increase renewably sourced energy within occupied assets – including a pledge to only occupy assets that are net zero carbon in operation by 2030.

Net Zero Carbon Reporting

Hilson Moran has issued a new World Green Building Council (WGBC) Net Zero Carbon Buildings Report for 2022, showing a 27% reduction in carbon emissions across the business compared to 2021. Independently verified by carbon management platform Greenly, the report assesses the annual operational energy demand and carbon emissions for our offices across the UK.

Click here to download our latest WGBC Net Zero Carbon Buildings Report

We take climate action

We live by WELL standards

In our Manchester Office, we have gone a step further by designing our new fit out to WELL standards. Unlike other accreditation systems, which focus on buildings, WELL focuses on people. An evidence and performance-based system for measuring, certifying and monitoring features that impact human health and wellbeing in the built environment, WELL’s assessment focuses on the concepts of air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort.

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Our vision

Unlocking potential through design for people, places and the planet.


Our mission

Innovative design and engineering for the world we dream of.

Sustainable design solutions and consultancy sit at the heart of what we do.

Our mission works to benefit people, places and the planet – improving everyday interactions and creating healthy places to promote wellbeing.

We dream of a greener, smarter, healthier, safer, more sustainable world. Innovation, design and engineering are the tools we use to take us there.

Our core values

  • Ask questions.
  • Make friends and share knowledge.

  • Be honest.
  • Break barriers.

  • Interact. Socialise. Fika.

  • Be brave. Be open.
  • Challenge yourself, colleagues and clients.

  • Find new perspectives.
  • Bring new ideas.

  • Question.

  • Be curious.
  • Be creative and playful.
  • Enjoy business.

  • Make the impossible possible.
  • Innovate.
  • Surprise.

  • Create the world we dream of.
Hear from our clients and collaborators

Hear from our clients and collaborators