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Hilson Moran becomes Delivery Partner for the Better Buildings Partnership Design for Performance initiative

Engineering and design consultancy, Hilson Moran, has become a Delivery Partner for the Better Buildings Partnership Design for Performance (DfP) project, which aims to address the operational energy and carbon “performance gap” in the UK building sector.

Hilson Moran will provide its expertise in sustainability, engineering, simulation modelling and operational performance monitoring to support the development of an industry-led scheme that enables new commercial office developments and major refurbishments to accurately predict the energy performance of buildings at early design stages, reduce consumption and benchmark against industry best practice expectations.

Hilson Moran has recently signed up to and contributed to the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI), which echoes the UKGBC’s operational energy benchmarks for Commercial developments. The benchmarks add clarity to a pathway for designing Net Zero Carbon office buildings. The Design for Performance project is the leading tool for measuring predicted performance relative to the Net Zero Carbon pathway.

Marie-Louise Schembri, Design Director at Hilson Moran, said: “Mitigating the impact of climate change is at the top of our agenda, so any contribution we can make to encourage industry to go beyond compliance and make a more significant difference is a priority.

“By becoming part of this project, we can apply our design and modelling skills to show how improvements can be designed, implemented, monitored and adapted through the building’s life cycle. We provide the necessary guidance to help organisations through the process. We’re confident that DfP will make a step change in our industry.”

Learn more about the Design for Performance initiative and its partners here.

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