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Future Forty Staff Travel Competition

Last year, as part of our 40th birthday celebrations, we offered our staff the chance to enter the Hilson Moran Staff Travel Competition. The winner would receive £2,000 towards a dream adventure of their choice, which would utilise their professional skills and passions to benefit the places that they visit.

We asked them;

If you were presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a difference to the world we live in, what would be your dream travel experience? What would you do to leave a positive influence on the lives of a local community in a city, town, village or country you visit?

A shortlist of five were chosen from the entries and each of these then presented live to the whole company (via our interactive VC systems) and are listed below;

  1. Anna Tsoumi wanted to help upgrade existing teaching buildings in Narere in Fiji
  2. Craig Sawyer wanted to use his engineering experience to identify opportunities to help improve the operation and efficiency of a rainforest conservation project in Ecuador.
  3. Pippa Messenger wanted to realise a life-long dream to start a Madagascan Lemur sanctuary
  4. Marie-Louise Schembri wanted to empower communities in temporary living settlements by passing on sustainability knowledge and awareness
  5. Stephen Atemie wanted to teach lindy hop to challenged children and adults in Mexico City to help create social change and personal confidence


And feedback from the judges…

Dawn Paige, commented on finalist Stephen Atemie’s presentation that it had “upbeat ideas and he had already made contact with relative people in Mexico and researched logistics. Difficult to separate this from the second place entrant.”

Director Nigel Clark commented, “after a lot of consideration, I have Craig as my winner because his concept was ambitious, with multiple locations, but utilised established support frameworks which should ensure a lasting legacy and was perhaps the best interpretation of the original brief”

The winner was Craig Sawyer (Next Gen BCO member) who said he was already making preparations to undertake his trip to the rainforest conservation project in Ecuador around April/May 2018. Craig will be blogging about his experience so we will keep you updated.

This year we hope to repeat this initiative but with a new prize and structure to capture a different outcome.


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