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In the last decade the need to consider and incorporate a variety of security measures in the built environment has increased significantly.


We have developed a group of suitably qualified security specialists to advise clients at the earliest stages and throughout the lifecycle of built environment projects.

From the outset of any project we ‘design-in’ integrated security approaches which aim to reduce risk and save cost. Combining physical, technological and operational elements, we develop bespoke security solutions for each project, independent of any manufacturer or contractor.

Initially our team will undertake assessments to identify all potential and real threats, evaluating asset and client risk profiles in order to determine a proportionate security strategy which is developed hand-in-hand with the overall design of your project.

Our methodology uses Security Risk Management, ‘Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design’ and ‘Secured by Design’ principles to ensure the appropriate balance of natural, physical and technological features are considered to deliver a safer environment. As part of RIBA design stage deliveries, this approach is also fundamental to delivering BREEAM and Home Quality Mark credits.

We advise on anti-terrorism solutions, hostile vehicle mitigation, blast resilience and electronic and operational solutions, always adopting practical and thoughtful strategies and design elements which complement our clients’ overall vision. As BRE SABRE Registered Assessors and Registered Professionals, we also contribute to obtaining SABRE credits at each stage of the design journey.

We recommend end user solutions which offer resilience, sustainability, interpretability, integration and open-ended support to ensure that upgrades and maintenance are simple and cost effective whilst minimising impact on operations. In a word, we work to make our clients safe.

For more information, please contact our Head of Security Consultancy, John Green,


Planning and Concept

  • Security surveys and appraisals
  • Crime, threat & security risk assessments
  • Security needs assessments
  • Asset identification and client risk profiling
  • Vulnerability investigation
  • Security function layering
  • Blast and weapons effects resilience
  • Terrorist impact assessments
  • Vehicle dynamic assessments
  • Security masterplanning

Design Development 

  • Perimeter and layered protection
  • Anti-Terrorism measures (HVM)
  • Intruder detection and alarm Systems
  • IP analytical surveillance systems (CCTV)
  • Electronic security systems integration
  • Intelligent access control solutions and smart user interfacing
  • Security control room design / command and control systems
  • Integrated wireless electronic communications for security and safety
  • Asset protection and specific target hardening of high risk areas
  • Security manned guarding and executive protection consultancy
  • Tenders / Contractors proposal reviews

Post Occupation and Management

  • Site acceptance, reliability & availability testing
  • Witness testing
  • Business continuity and incident management
  • Business resilience
  • High profile event security consultation
  • ‘Dial-up consultancy’ security support for businesses
  • Regular security health surveys
  • Soft landings assistance

Park Crescent West: Security Consultancy

Located within the City of Westminster, this scheme involves the restoration of Park Crescent West to its original residential use. The project includes the demolition and rebuilding of the Grade I listed mock John Nash front façade, with the development comprising a new 6 storey building providing 67 new premium quality residential apartments and 9 mews houses. The scheme will also include a swimming pool, gym, spa treatment rooms, business centre, car parking and basement plant servicing the development.

As part of a multi-disciplinary service, we were appointed to provide security consultancy and engineering services design.

Appointed at RIBA Stage D (to provide all disciplines) our initial assessments indicated that revised and developed consideration had to be given to the overall approach to security, despite the engineering design being at a relatively advanced stage. We were able to encourage the client to adopt a more strategic approach considering a number of internal and external threats, such as existing and localised anti-social behaviour, other crime awareness and areas of vulnerability in order to refine the strategy and smart engineering solutions, without losing or comprising the client’s original design vision.

These recommendations encouraged the client to adopt a formal ‘Secured by Design’ approach to ensure a safer and secure environment and seek formal Police approved accreditation.

Royal Albert Dock Masterplan: Security Consultancy

The Royal Albert Dock Masterplan, situated in the heart of the Royal Dock Enterprise Zone, east of the City of London, is owned by the Greater London Authority and being developed by Advanced Business Parks (ABP). One of the largest urban regeneration schemes in the UK, the 35-acre site is set to be transformed into a mixed-use scheme comprising office, leisure, retail and ancillary residential buildings, with a gross external area of 3m sq ft, and includeing two listed buildings: The Dock Manager’s Office and the Central Buffet at Custom House.

We were appointed to provide security consultancy for the on-going design of the development with two main components to our scope – supporting a masterplan for the overall site along with a detailed strategy and design for phase one.

The masterplan is being developed on a challenging site: bound by both a main road and a river, adjacent to London City Airport and in a rapidly developing area of London. As such, our security specialists were able to identify a number of threats to inform the overall strategic approach to security. Our consultants ensured that the strategy was defined by a thorough threat, crime and risk assessment to ensure agreed risks could be managed with a proportionate level of security: This included electronic, operational and physical features, such as mitigation recommendations, to hostile or accidental vehicle impacts upon structures.

The client brief was also to ensure the appearance of security measures was subtle and ‘clutter free’. In one example to help support this requirement, our consultants liaised with the team to ensure site-wide CCTV camera coverage was achievable using innovative multi-directional technology without compromising the quality of images.

We also ensured that ‘Secured By Design’ recommendations, normally included in a Security Needs Assessment, were documented to achieve BREEAM credits and to support the opportunity for ‘Secured by Design’ Police accreditation.

Along with this overall strategic support, a key client requirement was that the security scheme incorporated in phase 1 was not overt, but equally not overly covert – providing a feeling of safety for future occupants of the site. Achieving the correct balance of electronic versus operational elements was key to risk mitigation and to enhancing a safe and secure site.

Another challenge was accommodating the security design strategy within the context of an evolving masterplan to be delivered in multiple phases, with future phases not fully defined upon commencement of the first phase. We developed a scalable solution which limited potential impact on the continuity of operations, accommodating, for example, a temporary security control room which would transition to a permanent control room over a 4 year period.

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