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Modern buildings are becoming increasingly technically complex requiring careful management to provide the seamless and robust operation demanded by clients.

Facilities Management

Our Facilities Management (FM) team support clients in all aspects of engineering services operation and maintenance throughout the lifecycle of a building. From writing operation and maintenance specifications to procurement management, delivery of projects, life cycle, energy efficiency advice or independent technical support.

Our dedicated team of engineers offer an independent and objective assessment of our clients’ current or proposed operation and maintenance requirements, creating FM strategies which meet both your company’s statutory obligations and your business objectives, whilst aligning with industry best practice.

With extensive experience of technical FM outsourcing and service delivery, we pride ourselves on our understanding of all aspects of the client/service provider relationship, both tangible and intangible.

Our team works to assess your organisational structure, evaluating and benchmarking it to understand if your resources are appropriate for your evolving business and objectives. We offer advice on the most efficient and high quality service providers, identifying if outsourcing is the right approach for your business or if an in-house team can deliver the high standard of FM service you require.

Our team works with your service providers on an ongoing performance review and improvement process. We review compliance, troubleshoot technical issues and seek to resolve communication and process issues impacting on service delivery whilst establishing and maintaining Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators.

Against a backdrop of challenging budgets, our team will also benchmark costs against similar service delivery contracts to ensure you are taking advantage of the most cost effective service, without impacting quality.

For more information, please contact our Director of Facilities Management, Andrew Holt


  • Operation and maintenance specifications.
  • Engineering service contracts tendering / procurement management.
  • Management and monitoring of service delivery and compliance.
  • Provision of seconded engineering management staff.
  • Strategic operational reviews and operational management consultancy.
  • Day to day independent technical support.
  • Engineering services condition surveys, life cycle planning and budgeting.
  • Refurbishment and plant replacement projects: design, specification, tender and monitoring.
  • Building management system (BMS) review, replacement strategy, specification, tender and monitoring.
  • Energy auditing and benchmarking.
  • Building Certification (e.g. EPCs, DECs, Air Conditioning Inspections, Building Log Books, etc.)

Hammerson Shopping Centres: Facilities Management

Hammerson are one of the most recognisable and respected organisations in the UK retail sector jointly owning and operating numerous shopping centres throughout the UK. This includes some of the UK’s most successful retail developments, including Brent Cross, The Bullring, West Quay, Highcross, The Oracle, Silverburn and Union Square, with a number of centres providing in excess of 1m sq ft of retail space.

We have a long term relationship with Hammerson, dating back to 2006, providing ongoing performance audits of M&E service delivery quality and engineering consultancy support to various shopping centres nationally, including the provision of Energy Performance Certificates and air conditioning inspections.

We have also undertaken competitive tender exercises for engineering and fabric maintenance services covering seven of Hammerson’s major shopping centres, supporting Hammerson’s by consolidating existing arrangements and reducing costs.

Key to the success of this long term relationship has been our ability to integrate into and support their management and service delivery teams, positively contributing to driving overall service delivery key performance indicators from 65% to over 90%.

Strategic Consultancy Reviews: Facilities Management

The principal of outsourcing Engineering FM services is very well established and the majority of clients who took the decision to outsource non-core services several years ago are probably on their fourth or fifth contract term.  The original transition to outsourced service delivery may have gone smoothly and some of the objectives for outsourcing may well have been met; in particular initial cost savings and transfer of risk.

However, as the years have progressed and the FM market has matured, a number of factors have limited the opportunities to reduce costs without impacting service delivery.  These include the proliferation of FM service providers in the market place, decreasing operating margins and a general decline in the availability of fully trained, skilled resources at the appropriate grades.  It is evident that many clients feel that their objectives have not been fully met and promises made during the tender selection process have not always materialised during operations.

As a client how do you ensure that your FM service is the best that it can be against a backdrop of declining budgets? Can you be sure that the service is at least covering your statutory obligations? Is the organisational structure and are the resources appropriate for your changing business and objectives?  Are there issues with communication?

Hilson Moran’s Facilities Management Group has extensive experience of technical FM outsourcing and service delivery.  We understand all aspects of the client / service provider relationship – both tangible and intangible.

We have provided our services to numerous clients including:

  • A major financial institution with an in house FM delivery team working across multiple locations
  • A management company for a very high end residential complex with an in house FM delivery team
  • Outsourced FM services UK-wide in corporate and multi-let commercial office environments and out of town retail.
  • In house FM services in a multi-let commercial office environment.

Providing an independent and objective assessment of your current or proposed outsourced service or your in house service we can use our experience to:

  • Provide an in house service delivery team with advice and access to resources that will enable them to be as good if not better than an outsourced service
  • Identify if outsourcing is the right approach for your business
  • Evaluate and benchmark your existing outsourced service provider and service delivery to determine if it is meeting your obligations and business objectives
  • Comment on service delivery structures and resources
  • Benchmark costs against similar service delivery contracts
  • Troubleshoot and seek to resolve communication and process issues impacting service delivery
  • Advise on your statutory obligations and industry best practice
  • Identify management information requirements
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements
  • Comment on whether a full market testing exercise is required or negotiation with existing service providers
  • Develop bespoke service delivery models and input/ output specifications
  • Manage market-testing or negotiation exercises.


Hilson Moran @HilsonMoran

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