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Recommendations for fire‑resistant power and control cable systems revised with new standard

Release of British Standard 8519:2020 sets new national code of practice for power supplies to life safety, firefighting and other critical systems

National standards body BSI have published the new standard setting out critical recommendations for the design and installation of the power supplies to life safety, firefighting and other critical equipment. Designers and installers responsible for these systems will be required to follow the new guidance for future developments. Fire engineers, the authorities, health and safety inspectors and equipment suppliers will also utilise the new recommendation. The new recommendations are particularly relevant to manufacturers who are currently developing new products for life safety and firefighting systems.

Hilson Moran Technical Director and BSI Committee Chairman, Tony Mayo, has been involved with BS 8519 since it was first published in 2010 and was the author of the BSRIA guide BG70 on the subject of Life Safety and Firefighting Power Supplies.

BSI identified the need for the original standard to be reviewed in 2018, asking Tony to assist with the identification of the relevant interested specialists to participate in the preparation of the new draft text. The review process took approximately 2 years and the draft text was issued for public comment on two separate occasions to ensure all comments were address appropriately to produce the new fire safety standard. With his dual role as Chairman and Technical Director Tony was instrumental in progressing the development of the new British standard.

BSI Chairman and Hilson Moran Technical Director Tony Mayo said, “The life safety and fire-fighting systems are a critical part of building design; the fire integrity of these systems is dependent on their power supply configuration. This new standard sets out key recommendations for a number of areas including the configuration of the primary and secondary power supplies, cable selection including fire resistant busbar, giving further guidance on cable protective enclosures as well as guidance on the suitability and design of UPS and battery inverter equipment for residential applications, permitted by BS 9991.”

Hilson Moran is renowned for its fire engineering expertise. The in-house Fire Safety Consultancy team play a crucial role in guiding clients and design teams through complex fire legislation, helping deliver a workable, safe strategy for every project from masterplans to individual buildings.

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