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Store Blå

Oslo, Norway

The ocean covers over 71% of our planet and in times of climate emergency its health deserves more attention than ever before. REV Ocean exists to raise awareness of the need for a sustainable blue economy and global impacts on the marine environment, aiding the Earth’s climate and preserving biodiversity. To address the urgent need for action, REV Ocean are intending to build a new world leading marine centre and World Ocean Headquarters, where governments, academia and the private sector will work in collaboration with existing marine centres and innovation networks to protect the ocean.

Store Blå, also known as the Big Blue, is a conceptual project designed to be located in the area of Fornebu, Norway. This striking 267 m skyscraper’s design is not just a landmark for those who will arrive in Oslo from the sea but, through its facade which simulates the blue waves on the fjords, it also seamlessly interacts with the existing structures and the sea. The building’s design includes commercial offices, laboratories and science space, showrooms for ocean tech and solutions, hotel, conference facilities and more, all contained on 64 floors.

Together with Norwegian consultants, Erichsen & Horgen, we have developed the conceptual design for the Big Blue. We introduced innovative solutions, provided detailed studies, modelling and testing options which together formed the basis for the highly sustainable building design. Our environmental engineers fine-tuned our in-house parametric façade optimisation tool, to guide design towards best practice daylight, heat loss and solar control performance. The resulting façade is a multifaceted but repeatable solution that would respond intelligently to the local climate, occupant health and energy efficiency ambitions of the client, who wanted the building to generate at least as much energy as it consumes. It was also the client’s aspiration for the building to achieve a BREAAM NOR 2016 outstanding rating.

  • Client

    Aker ASA Erichsen & Hogen AS

  • Architect


  • Sector

    Hotels, Offices

  • Status

    Concept Design

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