Brent Cross

London, UK

The Brent Cross Shopping Centre is a key property in the British retail landscape. On its original opening it introduced a new form of retail into the UK as the first covered, out of town shopping centre. This project involves a £1.4bn modernisation and extension with the aim of changing the dynamic of the centre to provider a better balance between retail, food and entertainment. When completed the 1.9m sq ft development will include John Lewis, Fenwick and M&S stores, around 200 other retail units, 50 food outlets, a cinema and a hotel.

We have developed our design strategies to incorporate the latest technology in anticipation of future trends in digital shopping along with a high degree of flexibility to accommodate a broad range of potential tenants. Energy efficiency and sustainability are also key design considerations.

In July 2018 the decision was taken to defer the start on site for the development works due to increased market risks in the UK with the intention to start once conditions are more settled. Construction timescales will therefore be confirmed in due course.


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