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Interactive: Targeting Net Zero Carbon

Despite the ongoing pandemic, mitigating Climate Change remains a key target for us all. Both challenges and significant opportunities lie ahead, and the built environment must make adaptions to play its part in forging a sustainable future.

As a business and as individuals, we are fully committed to playing our part to explore the various issues and identify practical, applicable solutions.

For now we wanted to invite you to explore some of the key considerations for net zero carbon via our interactive tool and discover how we can help you on your carbon journey:

Explore how we can help you target Net Zero Carbon.

Over the past year, we have taken the opportunity to consolidate our knowledge and experience, expand our research and better understand the changes we all must make in the pursuit of Net Zero Carbon.

We have also reformed our business to specifically address these climate challenges. These new, integrated units help us to view the built environment from a connected, whole life perspective.

One such new business unit is our Operational Buildings Group and we will keep you updated with details, including some of our other initiatives, in the near future.

For a broader conversation, or to understand your specific objectives, please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Holt – Director, Operational Buildings.

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