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Hilson Moran Innovating at Digicon

Last week Hilson Moran Director, Vince Ugarow, took part in Digital Construction Week, giving a workshop on the topic of Computational BIM in the conference’s Innovation Theatre.

Digital technologies have revolutionised the modern construction industry: Most new processes, however, have been developed to replace existing and dated practices rather than to innovate.  Hilson Moran has been leading the field in efficient BIM design through computational technologies, most recently with basic visual scripting in Revit.

Our Digicon workshop indicated how some common problems have been overcome using scripting and focused on the power that computational design can offer the construction industry.

Usually associated with architecture and parametric form, Hilson Moran is using this software stream to create, manipulate and analyse system technologies. It is our belief that a multitude of common processes can be translated into a script that can be refined and rolled out across a range of projects, irrespective of the scale or challenges that they present.

Led by our Head of BIM, Dave Lee, Hilson Moran is currently exploring the automation of recurrent processes with scripting.

“Scripting will allow our industry to use computers as they were originally intended: to give man the freedom to eschew menial tasks and to use our advanced creative minds more productively. Our scripts allow our engineers to focus on design without having to waste time and resource manually inputting identical details or repeating design components.”

Dave Lee, Head of BIM, Hilson Moran

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