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Energy saving top tips

From LED light bulbs to laundry tips, there are many ways to conserve energy. Have a look at some of the ways you can save money and help protect the planet.

Energy bills

Avoid any surprises in energy bills in the future. Take regular (monthly) meter readings if you don’t have a smart meter installed. Do not trust estimated meter readings as these are likely to be less than your actual usage.

Feeling the chill

If the house is chilly, heat individual rooms where possible. Avoid having central heating on in all rooms in the house by:

  • Turning off either all thermostatic radiator valves in the rooms which are not using during the day, or
  • Use small fan convector heaters in the rooms being used as an office. Turning the heating down 1 degree can make a big difference. Fit TRVs if you can and seal up those draughts!

Fix dripping taps

A dripping hot water tap can waste enough hot water to fill half a bath in just one week, so fix those leaking taps and make sure they’re fully turned off.

Unplug devices

It is important to unplug devices when not in use. Try not to leave devices on standby particularly over-night but rather switch off and save on your electricity bill (and help the planet too!)

Cook with the lid on

This is a super simple hack in everyday life to save energy consumption. By cooking with the lid on you are significantly shortening the cooking time as well as water usage.

Doing the laundry

Wash clothes at a cooler temperature on a full load (modern washing detergents are designed for this.) This will enable you to save a lot of water and electricity.


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