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Brave the Shave

Two members of Hilson Moran’s staff are a little chillier today after ‘braving the shave’ for Macmillan. Charlotte Weal and Chris Powell, both of whom were sporting luscious locks worthy of a L’Oreal advert yesterday, threw vanity aside and shaved their heads for the cancer charity, raising almost £1700 in the process.

In direct conflict with her mother’s instructions, a nervous Charlotte went first, opting for an undercut to one side of her head. Chris, whose girlfriend promised to leave him if he went ahead, had to ask his Mum to shave his for him. Whether she will go through with this threat remains to be seen, but an anonymous source claims that he is ‘very cold’.

In spite of all of the jeering and name calling, we’re very proud of both Chris and Charlotte’s efforts for a very worthwhile cause. That said, we won’t be allowing them to attend any client-facing meetings until they are presentable. So probably indefinitely for Chris then…

It’s not too late to donate:

Charlotte Weal

Chris Powell

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