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Blog: People not pipes! Buildings as catalysts for interaction, movement and lived life

Ferrier Marchetti Studio, on day three of the World Architecture Festival (WAF), will be talking about creating links with people, nature and climate so buildings can be ‘catalysts for interaction, movement and lived life’.

This is a subject that is true to our heart. You may have read the Hilson Moran interview in New London Quarterly last year where we spoke about the step change we’re seeing in the way that engineering, environmental design and architecture come together to deliver new development. At the heart of this is the very critical point that we are designing for people.

As we deal with climate change, the densification of cities, a growing and ageing population and the need to enhance wellbeing and quality of life, we must take time to assess our solutions to ensure they deliver what people need. We need to consider how our work impacts the senses –  sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch – as well as vestibular system (gravity, movement and balance) and proprioception (positioning in space).

We design for people, but we also design with people! We need to collaborate to get the best result. This means clear and concise conversations with our fellow clients and designers to deliver the best projects. It also means a positive and inclusive approach and the use of tools to help take everyone on the journey. We develop clear visualisations of our designs to make the dissemination of our ideas simpler and easier to understand.

The work of the built environment is about creating ‘environments for life’ – for people. That should be our legacy. Happy, healthy people living in vibrant, dynamic communities that adapt and evolve in time.

I’d love to hear your views so please get in touch.

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