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Autonomous Vehicles Hackathon, Cambridge

Are you curious about all the recent talk of driverless cars? Well we were too. We wondered can it work generally but in particular in a place like Cambridge which has been crying out for a traffic and public infrastructure solution for years. Will electric vehicles be ubiquitous and help improve air quality and reduce noise?  We decided therefore to brainstorm the issues in a Hackathon, as part of our Future Forty Series of events this year. Following the success of our first Hackathon in January, which looked at Wearable Technologies, we are holding our second hackathon in Cambridge on Wednesday 27th September, at Brookgate’s offices on Station Road.

We are inviting forty people from the industry to imagine the future of autonomous vehicles and debate their impact on the environment, design and construction industry.


The teams will have 2 hours to discuss, envision and present ideas on how autonomous vehicles and other emerging technologies might resolve the transport and infrastructure issues in Cambridge now and in the next 40 years before presenting their ideas to a panel of judges including:

Chris Birch – Head of Sustainability, Hilson Moran
Stefanie Rachmann-Davies – Principal Engineer, Odyssey
Dan Clarke – Programme Manager, Smart Cambridge


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