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A Day in the Life of….Marie-Louise Schembri, Sustainability Consultant

Each month Hilson Moran profiles one of its staff in our news section. This month is the turn of Emlu Schembri, an Associate Sustainability Consultant.

Name: Marie-Louise ‘Emlu’ Schembri

Role: I head up the Hilson Moran Masterplan Energy & Environment Group (MEE) and the Energy Team in our London Sustainability Group.

Training: Environmental Designer and Engineer, Architect and Civil Engineer

Joined HM: 2012

Favourite HM Project: 30 Grosvenor Square

Loves: Trekking, holidays in the sun, infographics, maps, space exploration, the science of cooking and whisky

Dislikes: Pessimism, apathy, narcissism, pettiness and snakes  

“My mornings began at 5am which gives me enough time to have breakfast with my family and to play with my daughter before nursery. Since becoming a parent a year ago, every minute is gold, so work begins on the station platform, rain or shine, and the train is my second office.

My typical day consists of a varied range of activities, from thinking up ways to keep the team involved, to project resourcing, to writing up energy strategies for challenging sites, to sketching up ways to translate complex engineering ideas into simple graphics, to planning the growth of Hilson Moran’s new MEE Group (Masterplan Energy & Environment).

Every morning I’m greeted by the buzz of our energetic reception staff as I make my way to our sustainability team in a corner of the office that overlooks the River Thames, Tower Bridge and the City skyline, much of which we’ve been directly involved in.

The day is heavily punctuated with informal cross-discipline meetings and workshops in breakout spaces, around desks, in meeting rooms and over VC. Fresh fruit deliveries, cakes for every occasion and copious amounts of tea and water guarantee further exchanges with the wider team.

Our superb location along the river gives us access to car-free walks towards the offerings at Shad Thames, One London, Borough Market and more recently, a range of food vans and popups closer to Hay’s Galleria. The fast transformation of London Bridge Station is bringing more options to our doorstep.

The day passes quickly, and the office banter, the laughs, the challenges, make me look forward to the next. My team and my husband’s support help me get back in time to pick my little one from nursery and spend quality time with family and friends.”

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