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A Day in the Life of….Karolina Szopa-Korniluk, Junior CAD Technician

Each month Hilson Moran profiles one of its staff in our news section. This month is the turn of Karolina Szopa-Korniluk, Junior CAD Technician – London

Name: Karolina Szopa-Korniluk

Role: Junior CAD Technician

Training: AutoCAD 2D course (level I and II), Revit MEP, HVAC, PH course (level I and II), Revit Architecture (level I)

Joined HM: February 2018

Favourite HM Project: NEX

Loves: My husband, tortoises (especially Mr. Jack), time with my family, nature, the sky full of stars, sunsets, music, art, books, cats, travelling, wine o’clock, cycling, James Bond films and Jack Daniel’s.

Dislikes: Contempt, anger, belligerence, people staring at their phones while walking down the street (modern zombies).

“I joined Hilson Moran’s London office back in February 2018. I feel really honoured to be part of this company and to have the opportunity to share my story with others; it will help me to break down my barriers, as I am rather a shy person

My morning starts at 6 am, which gives me enough time to take a long shower, feed Mr. Jack (the tortoise), have breakfast with my husband without having to rush and giving me enough time to prepare something fresh for lunch. By 7.45 am I am ready to jump on my bike and cycle around 9km from Primrose Hill to work. I love this part of the day as the streets are not busy and, because half of my route is along the Regent’s Canal I get to enjoy the beautiful surrounding nature and the peace and quiet.

Once at work, I have a quick catch up with my team, who are all really great! We talk about work and life and we laugh a lot. Since day one, they have made me feel very welcome and I feel very lucky to work with such an amazing team. My manager Brian will usually give me drawings and mark-ups and, if necessary, explains what needs to be done and by when. We both share a love of music, which is great because I have a rather large music collection.

My main duties at work are to produce 2D digital drawings based on the engineer’s designs and mark-ups. Although I studied illustration and I always thought I’d become a famous artist, I really enjoy CAD. There are so many things to learn and explore. It is very exciting!

Every day at work is slightly different, however, there is one thing that never changes, the 10 O’Clock coffee time and 3 O’Clock tea time. No matter how busy we are, there’s always time for a short break, a chance to recharge and chat with my team and other colleagues.

During my lunch break, I normally go outside to rest my eyes, get some fresh air, and enjoy the view of the Thames River and Tower Bridge. I always have a book with me and…my umbrella just in case 😉 From time to time I meet my husband for lunch. Once a week, together with my work team, we’ll go out to one of the local cafés or restaurants.

My day ends with a swift ride home and a quick shower. I prepare dinner with my husband. My beloved wine o’clock comes after eating. Depending on the weather, we either listen to music (we have enough CDs to open a music shop!) and play chess, go out with friends, or go to the cinema. We also love to watch the view of London from Primrose Hill Park which is five minutes from our flat. We never watch television as we don’t have one at home but who needs one when you have that view so close by!”

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