• Sustainability Services


    Sustainability is at the core of our approach. Our philosophy is to create ‘Environments for Life’. This permeates everything we plan, design and manage. We adopt a clear sustainability vision for all our projects based on four mainstays of design thinking:

    • Environmental stewardship by conserving our planet’s natural resources through careful selection and use of materials and efficient use of non-renewable power
    • Social diversification by creating healthy environments which provide equality through diverse communities and social spaces for all people of all ages
    • Cultural identity through producing a design that encourages community cohesion and wellbeing while delivering a visual and educational stimulus
    • Economic forethought delivered through a hierarchical built environment design approach that provides the best performance against a measured degree of financial investment and pragmatism

    We’ve assembled a team of industry-leading sustainability experts who are an integral part of our wider, multidisciplinary engineering design service. Our clients receive concise, measured design advice on their buildings and schemes, wherever they are in the world.

    Wind streamlines

    We assess our designs using leading building physics consultants and software which enable us to investigate in 4D the predicted performance of any proposed development and provide the design team with informed data to optimise the final design solution. We also invest in research to develop better ways of addressing climate change. If applied at the start, we’re confident our method can make a difference and deliver sustainable development on any scale.

    The challenge

    Urban regeneration 500

    Recent evidence shows that mankind is depleting our natural resources at an alarming rate. Our daily actions and choices all make a big difference to the future availability of these irreplaceable assets. What’s more, our global ecological footprint is forecast to increase yet further through population rises. Already climate patterns are changing and ecosystems suffering, we’re just beginning to understand and measure the long-term consequences.

    So it is beyond question that now is the time to act. A better way of designing our buildings and cities is absolutely fundamental to slowing calamitous climate change.

    At Hilson Moran, our sustainability group has conducted extensive research and testing into various ways of achieving this goal. We believe that our approach and methodologies - if applied from the concept stage of built environment design and continued through a building’s lifespan - can deliver sustainable development on any scale.

    On every project, we investigate all opportunities to adopt new energy and resource consumption habits, source more sustainable local produce, deliver a mix of mobility mechanisms, use fewer fossil fuel energy supplies, conserve precious potable water supplies, minimise, reuse and recycle our waste and maintain healthy levels of air quality for all.