• Residential

    AlRaha Gardens patio

    Home is the most important building in our lives – a place to escape, relax, socialise or be with family. It needs to be flexible enough for people to grow, while providing a feeling of permanence and stability. It needs to uplift and energise, allow privacy but at the same time feel welcoming.

    We’ve got the special blend of technical knowledge, skill, innovation and enthusiasm to create comfortable residential spaces that tick all those boxes. Our multidisciplinary talent pool includes everybody from ecologists to acousticians and structural engineers to daylighting designers, so we can provide robust, commercially viable designs which incorporate sustainability, comfort and security.
    The Pavilion 500

    Our broad residential experience in public and private sector housing gives us a rounded understanding of the social and political issues surrounding residential schemes from estates renewals to new luxury high-spec apartments.

    Our philosophy for all of our work is ‘Environments for life’. Nowhere is that spirit captured more aptly than in residential developments. Our approach to every project includes:

    • Integrated design that follows form and function
    • Low-carbon, sustainable living
    • Understanding of ‘lifetime homes’ and ‘secure by design’
    • Exploration of new ideas from other sectors
    • Focus on quality and consistency of delivery of the project
    • Completion with handover and training for users

    We recognise the need to create flexible solutions; perhaps including a greater mix of tenures and a closer interplay between public and private sector. But for every project – high end residential or social housing, we aim to promote social inclusion, a sense of community, and of course a more sustainable lifestyle.