• Building Services


    In today’s increasingly sophisticated buildings, engineering is fundamental to building design. Building services, considered and incorporated from the outset, can enhance the aesthetic, functional and operational aspects of the building and create the highest quality user experience throughout the life of the building.

    At Hilson Moran, our building services team’s central aim is to meet occupier requirements while reducing the building’s impact on the environment through passive design techniques. To achieve the functional needs of the building, we develop energy-efficient solutions for the engineering and environmental control systems. Finally, we look to renewable energy and emerging technologies to reduce the environmental footprint of the building even further.

    Our building services designs are tested in a 3D virtual environment to achieve higher levels of coordination, eliminate project risk and give confidence that our designs will deliver and often exceed our clients’ brief and expectations.

    It’s to our clients’ advantage that we work in multidisciplinary teams that provide innovative, practical and truly holistic engineering solutions which are commercially and financially viable, and stand the test of time.